Building Better Strata Communities

A strata advocate is an independent & impartial advisor who provides management support, guidance and advisory services to building management committees, strata committees, building managers, strata managers and lot owners.

Core Services

Changing Strata Managers

Changing strata managers is not a complicated process but is driven by strata legislation so requires specific steps to be followed.

Independent BMC Chairperson

The functions and responsibilities of the chairperson are substantial. It is often a time-consuming role that requires diplomatic and leadership skills.

Strata Project Management

We partner with clients to deliver a focussed & proactive approach to strata project management. A precise mix of planning, tendering, monitoring, and managing strata projects.

Strata Consulting Services

Solutions driven, we provide advice & support to navigate the mixed and varied issues strata schemes face. Don’t get lost in the detail, reach out for a free consultation.

Get to know us, who is Strata Advocates?

The world of strata living can be confusing and tricky to navigate. It’s a complex mix of rules, regulations, benefits and pitfalls. With unfamiliar language, constant changes in legislation and different terminology used around Australia.

Strata Advocates’ goal is to enhance, educate, inform and assist strata living. We make it a little simpler by providing clear and concise advice, management support and guidance to our clients

Strata Advocates - project management, support & guidance

Who We Work With

Building Management Committees (BMC)

Strata Committees

Building Managers

Strata Managers

Strata Lot Owners

Commercial Lot Owners



The content of the Strata Advocates website is provided for information purposes only. The contents of this website do not constitute legal advice and should not be used as such.

Strata Advocates do not provide legal advice. We do not hold a strata managing licence, we are not strata managers. Any current or prospective client of the Strata Advocates and any third party is encouraged to obtain his/her own legal advice.